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Chaia Eran


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"Judeo-Christian Values"
(Or: PragerU Doesn't Understand Judaism)

Esoteric goth-y femme.
Occasionally speedy.
Liker of randomizers.
Queer Jewish gremlin.

There are many hot trans ladies who fit that description, but there's only one Chaia Eran, and that's-a-me! I'm cute as hell, queer as fuck, and Jewish as a latke wearing a tiny little kippah. I make quality Content™ on the collective hellscape that is Twitch and Youtube, with semiweekly livestreams (, Tuesdays and Thursdays) and a sporadically-updated video essay series called Chaianalysis. This website is my retreat from the corporate Internet into my little Web garden. I hope you enjoy!
-- Chaia <3 ✨